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Name: Till Hahn

Date of birth: 16.12.1993

Place of birth: Werne, Germany


3rd year International Leisure Manager at Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden



This is me! 


First of all I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Till Hahn, I'm 23 years old and was born in Werne, Germany.

Currently I'm living in South Africa and studying International Leisure Management at Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

In my leisure time I prefer to do sports such as playing tennis, football or going to the gym.

My favorite sport is tennis because I started to play when I was 3 years old. I used to play on a high level and travel though Germany to play tournaments. The picture shows me during a practice session for a tournament in England on a grass court which was a very nice experience for me. 

However, I can say that sport was always my passion and I'm really interested in all kind of sports.

Next to this, it can be said that I like to spend my free time with my girlfriend and my friends. This makes me feel happy and gives me energy which makes me able to achieve my personal goals and to develop myself. 

My experiences within the sport and also the social contact in my everyday life help me to do my study in a successful way because the competencies of a leisure manager are also, for instance, about social and communication skills. Besides, my experiences in the sport sector also support my skills in working in a team and motivate others. 

In general, I can say that I am a open-minded person who likes to spend time with others. Further, I'm a communicative person who likes to speak a lot and entertain others by making fun. 



Currently I'm in the 3rd year of the study program International Leisure Management at Stenden University of Applied Sciences. 

The study consists of five different sectors which are namely Sports, Media, Arts & Culture, Recreation and Tourism. Due to this variety of the study program and the factor that it is a very practical and international study I decided to go to the Netherlands. After the first two years of my study in the Netherlands I can look back on a great time with a lot of experiences with amazing people. To move on and get to know a new culture I decided to do my minor in South Africa in order to gain more experiences and get to know more about myself as well while spending half a year on a different continent.

Further information


When I was 15 years old I started to be a tennis coach for children and made a education to become an accepted tennis coach. One year later, when I became 16 I also made license for being a skiing coach. 

I really like to work with children and teach them something. Especially in the sport sector it is really nice because you are outside and can see how the children have fun and are getting better by improving their skills regarding tennis or skiing. 

Especially during the skiing lessons I always have a lot of responsibilities because of the safety of the kids and their wellbeing.

Next to this, I am responsible for the personal development of each child. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them motivated and to let them have fun otherwise it would be more difficult for them to improve their skills and get better skier or tennis player. 

I can say that I really enjoy to see the kids growing and become better in what they are doing.

Most of the times I have regular practice sessions with groups of children which are divided regarding their age and/or their level. 

Besides this, I am also often part of training camps which are mainly during the summer and take around 4-5 days. In this case it is not only about being a coach and teach the children but more about organizing the camp and ensure that these days are a meaningful experience for the children. Mostly, there are around 30 to 40 children in the training camps and I can say that most of the times this group becomes a family because we have so much fun together and spend a lot of time with each other. 

This shows that I enjoy to organize events for others and like to ensure that everyone has a great time and a nice experience.